How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

September 1st, 2022
by Greg Verjan

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Being proactive with pest control has many benefits. Keeping pests out is easier than getting rid of an infestation. Regular pest control ensures that your home and yard will not be overrun with pests. At Turin Pest Control, we offer general pest control services to help you avoid pest infestations before they occur. 

Is Regular Pest Control Necessary?

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all pest control. Our team inspects your home and yard before we recommend a customized pest control regimen. If you are wondering how often you need pest control, we recommend quarterly visits to prevent infestations and damage to your property. An already infested home may require monthly visits until the problem is fully resolved. Spraying around your home or property on a quarterly basis will be far less costly than treating a massive infestation. When considering how often to fumigate your house, it should be noted that this process is not performed at regular intervals because it is not a general prevention method. Fumigation is only necessary for serious ongoing infestations. Our team will let you know if fumigation is needed to manage your pests during our inspection. 

Beyond the extra expense for managing your infestation, your home could need additional repairs from the damage. Whether you have carpenter bees or ants, you could have serious damage. Additional pests that chew could lead to structural problems or a fire hazard if they chew through wires. Additionally, pests can bring diseases into your home and spread illness in your family through compromised surfaces or food. Regular pest control helps you avoid any potential damage and disease.

How Does Regular Pest Control Work?

At Turin Pest Control, the process always begins with an inspection. Every home has different pest concerns, so we wait to evaluate the home and yard before recommending a care plan. Our technician will carefully inspect your property to identify any current pest problems. After we have a clear picture of your situation, we will build a customized pest control plan, which could include everything from spraying, setting traps, placing barriers, and more. When we visit your home for a preventative visit, we will determine whether there are any changes needed to better protect your home. Our team is committed to keeping your home free from pests and safe from damage. 

How often an exterminator comes can impact the comfort of your home and yard. The Turin Pest Control team can manage your pests and keep you in control. Schedule your consultation today!


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