Fire Ant Control for Fayetteville, GA

Keeping your yard free of Fire Ants requires more than just spot treatment. Our process ensures that the mound you see and the colony underground are eradicated to keep them from coming back.

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Fire Ant Control for Fayetteville, GA

There are many fire ant colonies living in Fayetteville, GA. Different types of ants can pose varying levels of risk for your family. Carpenter ants are generally harmless, but fire ants can deliver pretty painful bites. A fire ant can be identified by the two tiny bumps called petioles between its thorax and abdomen. The team at Turin Pest Control can remove your fire ant problems through our effective fire ant control and treatment services.

Fire ants can be native to our area or imported. The imported ones are more dangerous to humans, causing everything from mild skin irritation to nausea. About 1% of the population are allergic to these ants. An allergic reaction to the bites could require an ER visit.

Fire Ant Control That Works

The Turin Pest Control team will work quickly to eliminate the threat of fire ants. We use a variety of methods, including baiting and topical treatments, to protect your family. Our fire ant treatment services really work to rid your property of the whole colony!

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We use Turin for our office. We love Rodney and his services!! Very professional and caring of our office needs. Love being able to have such a friendly face help me keep our office clean!

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