Common Cockroach Control Mistakes

December 7th, 2023
by Greg Verjan

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Effective cockroach control involves taking simple pest control steps in Newnan, GA and elsewhere. Below, learn what you need to do for effective pest control to keep these annoying pests outside where they belong.

Why Do Cockroaches Come Inside?

There are several reasons why cockroaches enter homes.  

Cockroaches look for warm, dark places where they can find shelter and places to hide. They also look for places where there is a supply of moisture and food. In essence, they come inside looking for the basics – shelter, water, and food.

Common Cockroach Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes people make that invite cockroaches into their homes include the following:

– Leaving dirty dishes in sinks or in the open. When cockroaches catch the scent of food, they are more likely to enter your home to find it.

– Keeping garbage bins open. Again, the scent of food will attract nearby cockroaches.

– Leaving uneaten pet food out. Cockroaches don’t just go after human food; they also go after any type of pet food. This is more common during the warm summer months.

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