Defend Your Yard During Fire Ant Season

April 5th, 2021
by Greg Verjan

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As the weather warms up, your family can start enjoying the outdoors together more. Unfortunately, fire ants also favor warm and sunny weather. Your outdoor fun can be disrupted quickly when you step into a bed of fire ants. Fire ants can overtake your yard, making it a dangerous and painful experience to be outdoors. At the very least, fire ant bites are painful, but for some people, they can trigger severe allergic reactions requiring emergency medical attention. Turin Pest Control can help you gain control of your yard and maintain it. We do not offer just a simple quick fix, but rather a solution to help break their lifecycle and discourage colonization in the first place.

Fire Ant Facts

Fire ants favor dry fields or shaded wooded spaces primarily. One ant colony could have as many as several hundred thousand ants. Red fire ants often ride into your yard on store bought plants or sod. Their colonies can be so large that they extend across multiple yards, which is why simple DIY fire ant products are rarely effective at all. A fire ant’s sting is filled with a venom that delivers an irritating stinging sensation to humans. Especially when scratched, fire ant bites can lead to scarring. Their homes are mounds that are typically about 8-10 inches above ground, but they have extensive tunnels below ground.

Why Being Proactive With Fire Ants Matters

Since their colonies can grow so quickly, you could have hundreds of thousands of fire ants throughout your yard. Fire ants are aggressive creatures, so your family, especially children and pets, could get attacked by them. Another thing that makes fire ants especially threatening is that they can have more than one queen, so they recover more quickly if one queen is lost. Instead of waiting for them to build up their numbers, prevent them through professional fire ant control services.

Fire Ant Control With Turin Pest Control

We develop a customized plan for your yard to ensure the best results. Our professionals will evaluate your yard and recommend a course of action, which could include a combination of treatments and ant baiting. We are always focused on solutions to get rid of the immediate problem and prevent future colonies from moving into your space.

If you are ready to fight back against a fire ant invasion or build up your preventative measures, schedule a consultation with Turin Pest Control. We have a proven track record of eliminating unpleasant pests.


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