Thank The Agent Thursday - Kristi Rapson

February 17th, 2022
by Greg Verjan

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Every third Thursday, we say thank you to an agent who has brought us business. Our February featured agent is Kristi Rapson with Keller Williams Peachtree City. Kristi’s team, KWRA (Kristi W. Rapson and Associates) is having a gangbusters year already, with plans for continued growth through 2022. She relies heavily on Turin Pest Control across many different needs for her listings. From dealing with infestations on distressed properties to termite inspections and termite letters, Krisit trusts Turin Pest Control to help her across all listings in a quick and professional fashion. Thank you, Kristi, for trusting us with your pest control needs. We’re proud to support your team’s success.

Kristi Rapson

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