How Much is a Termite Inspection?

January 4th, 2022
by Greg Verjan

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Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage to American homes each year. When termites are caught early on, you will minimize the damage to your home and lower the repair expenses. In Georgia, the cost of a termite inspection on average is between $75-150 dollars, but some pest companies choose to waive the fee if used for termite treatment or prevention services. We are proud to say that Turin Pest Control does not charge for termite inspections. Whether you are a homeowner concerned about termites or a homebuyer needing a termite inspection for home purchase, our Turin Pest Control team can help. We provide a wide range of services, including termite control, real estate termite inspections, and more!

What Does a Termite Inspection Consist Of?

Our termite inspections include searching for any evidence of a current infestation, identifying any vulnerabilities in your home, and providing solutions to keep termites away for good. We will inspect the perimeter of your home thoroughly and note any issues. Afterward, we will share our findings with you and offer options for treating and preventing termites. We build customized termite solutions using various options, such as baiting, monitoring, and liquid or dry foam treatment.

How Long is a Termite Inspection Good For?

You should schedule a termite inspection annually. The cost of a termite inspection is affordable and can help you avoid expensive repair costs. Being proactive with your termite care is wise. If there is no evidence of termites during the inspection, we will offer a preventative plan to keep your home safe for the year ahead. Each year, we will return to ensure the termite problem is still not an issue.

How is a Termite Inspection Helpful for Real Estate?

Since termites can do significant damage hidden behind walls, you need to make sure your potential home is termite-free. As a buyer, you should make sure that a termite inspection is completed by a reputable company. If you are a seller, having a current professional termite inspection will reassure buyers that your home is worth the asking price. Our real estate termite inspections are thorough and will give a clear picture of the state of a home.

If you need a termite inspection or termite control services, Turin Pest Control is standing by and ready to help!


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