How to Fight Pests Effectively

August 6th, 2021
by Greg Verjan

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Whether invading your picnic or finding the crumbs on your kitchen floor, pests are the ultimate party crashers. Especially during the warmer months, common pests, such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, and more, tend to find their way into our space and disrupt our lives. The Turin Pest Control team believes in being proactive with pest control. Keeping pests out is far simpler than getting rid of them. If you are ready to take preventative measures, you can start with these easy tips.

·        Seal Your Home—Make sure doors and windows are closed quickly when entering and exiting. Also, check to see if your doors and windows have adequate sealing and weatherstripping. Pests can get in through tiny places so leaving a small crack is pretty much leaving out a welcome mat.

·        Clean Your Home Consistently—Pests are very comfy with your messy house. They have their share of crumbs and can find or build a spot to live undisturbed. Clean up all food crumbs from counters and floors after every meal. Remember to dust the corners and the ceiling to stay cobweb free.

·        Stay on Top of Your Turf Care—Leaving your yard untended will encourage pests to bother you inside and outside. Cutting back the weeds and grass will limit the bug population near your home. Also, make sure that you avoid leaving standing water outside as many pests need water to breed. Pests multiply quickly so stay in control of your yard to make the process harder.

·        Keep Your Food Sealed—Once food is opened, place it in a food container with a locking lid. Pests can get into very small openings in your food bags and boxes, so invest in plastic containers for a better solution. When you are done eating after a meal, make sure to put your food away promptly so pests will not join your buffet.

·        Call Turin Pest Control to Schedule Preventative Pest Control—We are experts at keeping bugs out of your space. Our team uses a variety of strategies, including  chemical treatments, repulsion methods, exclusion services, and physical removal. We can help you build up your defenses so you can enjoy your home and yard without constantly being bugged.

Whether you currently have a pest problem, or you are trying to avoid one altogether, Turin Pest Control can help! We will build you a customized solution that will be effective for your home and yard. 


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