Keeping Your Yard Pest Free

May 3rd, 2021
by Greg Verjan

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Welcome to the season of pool parties, popsicles, and pests! Unfortunately, most pests prefer warm and sunny conditions as well. Instead of waiting for pests to crash your cookout, choose proactive pest control. The team at Turin Pest Control can help you win the battle with pests and enjoy the warmer seasons to the fullest.


Whether stealing your picnic lunch or attacking your feet, any type of ant infestation is unpleasant. When you have an ant colony in your yard, they can eventually find their way into your house and pantry. Fire ants can be dangerous in your yard since their venomous stings can cause discomfort and severe allergic reactions in certain members of the population. When you see an ant mound, understand that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Ants dig elaborate tunnels below the surface of your yard. Their colonies can grow to hundreds of thousands when left unchecked. We utilize treatment methods and ant baiting to retake control of your yard and prevent colonization.


Termites can quietly cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and wooden structures. Whether it is eating your home or your kids’ wooden playground, termites are unwelcome guests. Instead of waiting for evidence of termites, choose to be proactive with a termite bait perimeter. You could already be facing an infestation by the time you see the evidence of them. We utilize a variety of methods, including baiting, liquid/dry foam treatment, and monitoring. Our team can help you eliminate termites and safeguard against them in the future.


Somewhat jokingly called the state bird of Georgia, mosquitoes are a common annoyance throughout the warmer months. In addition to their annoying itchy bites, mosquitoes are also known for carrying serious diseases, such as Malaria, Zika, Yellow Fever, etc. Mosquitoes can multiply incredibly rapidly so your yard can be overrun with a large population quickly. Instead of waiting for them to eat up your guests at the family barbecue, go ahead and let the professionals break their lifecycle for good. We can get rid of your existing population and keep them from repopulating. Our team will look for breeding spots throughout your property, which usually is a pool of standing water. We will build a custom solution to keep your yard under control long-term.

Give us a call to keep pests off your guest list for your summer get-togethers! Turin Pest Control uses proven methods for preventative pest control as well as addressing existing pest problems. Call today to schedule our visit and your pests’ eviction!


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