Mosquito Control Tips and Tricks

June 7th, 2021
by Greg Verjan

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Mosquitoes are a menace that we have come to expect each summer. You have probably tried lots of bug spray and citronella candles without great results. Instead of accepting mosquitoes as an unpleasant part of your summer, fight back with mosquito control from Turin Pest Control. We build customized mosquito control plans to end your mosquito problem now and in the future.

DIY Mosquito Control

There are some DIY methods for fighting mosquitoes, which might provide temporary improvements or results. You are welcome to try these solutions, but we have found professional measures to have far better efficacy.

·        Eliminate Standing Water—Mosquitoes utilize standing water as their breeding spot. If you have any standing water whether in a wading pool or a bird bath in your yard, be prepared that mosquitoes will most likely find it. Removing standing water could limit your mosquito population somewhat.

·        Use an Outdoor Fan—If you have a fan on your outdoor patio, make use of it. Mosquitoes have a harder time flying and landing when there is a fan blowing on them. You may avoid some bites by staying under your fan.

·        Utilize a Mixture of Vinegar and Water—Some homeowners have claimed success repelling mosquitoes using a 2:1 water vinegar mixture sprayed around their yard.

·        Keep Your Skin Covered or Wear Repellant—Every time you step out into your untreated yard, you are at risk of mosquito bites. Not only are the bites itchy, but you could also contract a disease, such as Malaria, Zika, Yellow Fever, etc., from the mosquito.

Our Mosquito Control Process

There is a key difference between DIY mosquito methods and our approach. Most DIY methods are looking at repelling mosquitoes. Repelling is not good enough. If you repel them, they are still alive to breed and annoy you on another day. When you choose to repel, you are committing to a daily, all-summer long battle with mosquitoes. You will have to remain constantly vigilant to avoid getting bit. We would prefer that our customers enjoy their summer without the constant annoyance. Our mosquito control method goes to the source and seeks to disrupt the mosquitoes’ lifecycle. When mosquitoes are not allowed to breed, you can stand a chance at winning the battle. We schedule a consultation to walk around your yard to locate the source and breeding grounds for your mosquito population. Once we find the source, we will formulate a customized plan to eliminate your existing mosquitoes and prevent any further breeding. Through our ongoing pest control services, we safeguard your yard year-round from all sorts of pests, including mosquitoes.

When you choose Turin Pest Control, you can win your battle with mosquitoes instead of attempting to repel them all summer long. Focus on enjoying your summer and making memories instead of bathing in bug spray! Schedule your visit from Turin Pest Control today! 


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