OktoberPest: The Pests That Are Partying Right Now

October 2nd, 2023
by Greg Verjan

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Everyone knows that October is the scariest month of the year, and while the ghosts and goblins only come out on the 31st, one thing lasts all month long: bugs. Every season is a new opportunity for different pests, and fall is no exception. Today, we’ll review the specific types of pests that party like it’s Halloween all month.

Common Fall/Winter Pests

  1. Mosquitoes – Even with October’s cooler temperatures, mosquitoes can remain a problem in many areas of Georgia. Services like mosquito control in Newnan, GA, can help manage these biting insects, relieving residents as the season changes.
  1. Roaches – As year-round pests, cockroaches often seek warmer shelter in homes during October. For local residents, professional cockroach pest control in Newnan, GA, is essential to address this resilient pest and keep homes roach-free.
  1. Fire Ants – Georgia’s red clay soil is a favorite environment for fire ants, and they are still quite active in October. These aggressive ants can build large mounds and deliver painful stings, requiring proper control methods.

Why Bugs Are Around in Fall/Winter

When the weather gets colder, some pests love to find a nice warm place to “overwinter.” This is a process in which bugs will do anything to survive the incoming winter. Common practices include:

  1. Finding Shelter – Every living thing wishes to thrive, which can be especially hard in the cooler months. To ensure survival, smaller pests take refuge in places like tree bark, underground, or in homes.
  2. Forming Groups – Some insects cluster to retain communal body heat in specific locations. If this place happens to be your home, you’ll want to consider pest control services in Newnan, GA.

Don’t let seasonal pests ruin your October! Turin Pest Control is committed to providing top-notch solutions tailored to your needs, whether you’re in Newnan or surrounding cities. Contact us at (404) 720-0724, or request an online estimate today and take the first step toward a home protected from pests.


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