Crawl Space Encapsulation for Senoia, GA

Let our team create an inhospitable environment for pests in your crawl space, while also creating a cleaner environment that will give your home better indoor air quality.

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Crawl space encapsulation involves protecting your crawl space from moisture by adding a vapor barrier to all of the the surface areas of the crawl space. 

Through encapsulation, crawl spaces can be protected from mold growth, musty odors, poor energy efficiency, wood rot, floor failure, and insects such as dust mites and termites.

An added benefit of Crawl space encapsulation is improved indoor air quality, as encapsulation significantly reduces the presence of common allergens in your home.

Your crawl space encapsulation for Senoia, GA

Crawl spaces are located under a home and provide multiple benefits, including easy access to HVAC, plumbing, and maintenance requirements. Additionally these spaces enable easy access to electrical components for maintenance and repair. They also promote healthy air circulation within a home. At Turin Pest Control, we offer quality crawl space encapsulation services for Senoia, GA residents.

Crawl spaces can open the door for increased moisture in crucial locations. Homes are often difficult to cool down in the summer. This is particularly true when heat and excess moisture are present and prevent an HVAC unit from properly functioning. In the cooler fall and winter months when the humidity levels have dropped, the cool air under the surface of floors can make the room hard to heat up, leading to energy efficiency problems.

Crawl Space Solution for Unwanted Pests

Wood exposed to excessive moisture underneath the home can lead to potential musty odors, mold, wood rot, inadequate energy efficiency, wood rot, allergens, dust and mites, poor indoor air quality, and floor failure. Crawl spaces can attract creatures such as snakes, rats, mice, and other wildlife. This is why the addition of a crawl space moisture barrier or vapor barrier is so important.

Crawl spaces often become the haven of termites due to exposed wood in these areas attracting these pests. Termites have easy access to crawl spaces since they live as underground creatures.

The presence of unwanted pests in crawl spaces requires services for the prevention of mice, rats, snakes and other wildlife.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The protection of crawl spaces is done by a process called encapsulation. It is used to prevent the infiltration of moisture into these spaces by the addition of a crawl space vapor barrier on the floor and walls of the crawl space.

Our goal with crawl space encapsulation is to protect your loved ones and your home, reduce energy costs, and preserve the air quality in your home.

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We offer reasonably priced crawl space encapsulation to help you achieve a safe, pest-free environment now and long-term.

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